Play & Expressive Therapy

Play to Grow | Play and Expressive Therapy for children aged 3 – 16 years


If you know a child…

  • with emotional or behavioural problems
  • suffers from anxiety, stress or depression
  • has suffered trauma or distress,
  • has been exposed to family violence
  • has suffered physical or sexual abuse
  • has divorced or separated parents
  • has suffered a loss or bereavement
  • is not realising their full potential academically or socially
  • bullies others or is bullied themselves
  • has an illness, disability or developmental disorder

…then you need to know how Play and Expressive Therapies can help!

What is Play Therapy?

play bubblePlay Therapy is a well established and researched discipline based upon the fact that play is a child’s natural medium of self-expression.
It is an opportunity given to the child to ‘play out’ his or her feelings and problems just as, in certain types of adult therapy, an individual ‘talks out’ their difficulties.

Play therapy uses a variety of play & creative techniques to alleviate mild, moderate & chronic psychological and emotional conditions in children.

Play therapy techniques include drawing & painting, moulding & clay, sand tray, music, dance & movement, drama – role play, puppets & masks, storytelling, creative visualisation.


 Who is PlaytoGrow?

PlaytoGrow is a not-for-profit organisation using play and expressive therapies to support children and young people impacted by emotional, behavioural and mental health car

We work with children and young people aged from 3 – 16 years. PlaytoGrow staff are fully qualified counsellors, registered with the relevant health care boards with additional Post Graduate qualifications in Play and Expressive Therapies. At PlaytoGrow our main goal is to provide hope, healing and change for children and their families.

Does It Work?

With the parent’s or carer’s permission, assessment tools are used to measure the changes that take place in the child’s behaviour and emotional state. In the majority of cases there is a marked improvement.

(Video courtesy of Play Therapy Australia)

What We Offer

  • one on one counselling
  • family support through Bridging the Gap programs

Our Care Plan

Before we meet the child, a playtogrow therapist will complete an assessment with their parent or carer. This enables us to design a Specialised Care Plan to provide the most suitable and effective treatment option for each child.

play 12

  • Sessions: After assessment, the child or young person attends around 12 sessions with one of our Play Therapists. We meet with the child’s parent or carer during this time to offer additional support and updates on the child’s progress.
  • Length: Each session is approximately 50 minutes depending on the child’s age.
  • Fees: Our fee structure is designed to make counselling accessible to all families. 

PlaytoGrow and Play Therapy Australasia work together to support children and young people by providing tailor-designed programs.  Together with Play Therapy International, we are dedicated to continuing research on the effectiveness of Expressive Therapies to deliver the highest quality of care to children and young people. PlaytoGrow counsellors are registered members of Play Therapy Australasia & Play Therapy International.

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