Hannah’s Story

Hannah was Anxious in Groups

Hannah is a year 9 student who attended Bridging the Gap’s intensive 8 week program for High School students; “I Can”. Hannah’s teachers referred her to the program as she was becoming less and less engaged at school and appearing to be very anxious in group settings.

When Hannah arrived she was extremely shy and barely spoke to the other participants. Over the course of the program Hannah made friends and also began to talk about some of the difficult things that had happened to her recently which had deeply affected her confidence and sense of self worth.

Hannah knew she had been depressed

After a session on mental health Hannah spoke to one of the youth workers about the fact that she believes she has been suffering depression but didn’t feel like she could tell anyone. Hannah was introduced to a counsellor at Bridging the Gap and after ‘I Can’ finished she continued to attend counselling sessions.

It’s OK to talk it out with a Counsellor

Teachers have given feedback that she seems like a different person at school. Hannah said “This program taught me that even though its hard it’s good to talk it out and be honest if you’re not ok”.

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