Youth And Family Counselling

Youth counselling, judgment-free listening in a respect-filled environment

A photo by Morgan Sessions.

Being a teenager can be tough. Maybe you are feeling stressed out, depressed or you’re always angry and not sure why. Maybe you are struggling with what’s going on at home, at school or with what’s happening outside with your friends.

Our aim is to provide you a safe, non-judgmental space where you can reflect on what’s happening for you, gain a better understanding of yourself and others, and feel more empowered to make choices that support your overall wellbeing.

We can offer both individual and family counselling which is free to you and your family if you are aged between 12 and 18 and lived in the Penrith area.

What happens next?

When you come to counseling for the first time, we understand that this may be a big step. Our hope is that you will feel safe, supported, connected and empowered at all times.

Often young people come in by themselves to see us or they bring a parent or support person to the first appointment and then later, if they feel comfortable, can come by themselves. What’s important is that you feel safe and comfortable when you come in to see us.

At your first appointment, the counsellor will give you space to share what’s happening for you and will work with you to create a ‘next step’ counselling plan.

Parents, caregivers and siblings of young people can also access counselling. If you are a parent or caregiver supporting a young person you can also access counselling support just let us know when you make an enquiry.

Its easy to make an enquiry, just call (02) 9673 1211

Our Counsellors are Master of Counselling qualified and registered with PACFA and/or CCAA.
Our main goal is to provide hope, healing and change for young people and their families.

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