I Can

I Can is an intensive 8-week program which focuses on building resilience in young people who may be disengaging from school and/or home.

Topics Include:

  • Goal setting and personal strengths
  • Exploring identity and social support networks
  • Mental health and self care
  • Dealing with anger and difficult emotions
  • How to be resilient when life is tough
  • Bullying and assertiveness
  • Handling pressure from outside – body image, social media, marketing
  • Resume writing and job skills

Students also make new friends and form positive identities in a new and different environment.


  • 2 participants per school per term
  • Boys term 1 and 3, Girls term 2 and 4
  • 9am – 2:30pm on Thursdays
  • 8 sessions, starting in week 2 of term
  • Run onsite at Bridging The Gap in St Marys
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