Bridging the Gap takes your privacy very seriously. As a client, you are protected by both the law and our own strict policies. This means that information you supply to Bridging the Gap will be treated as confidential. It may only be released to a third party with your authority, or in those limited cases where the law requires its release. Additionally, information you provide to one of our counsellors will only be made available to other staff who need to know in order to assist you.

The privacy of visitors to this website is also safeguarded. Information about users of this website will not be provided to any other parties. We may retain information that identifies the network identity of devices accessing this site, just for our own network and usage analysis. If we do, it will only be to improve our site and network services.

We reserve the right to gather more extensive information regarding any attempted access to this site that raises security issues, or where there is reason to believe a breach of the law is being or has been committed and where necessary, to make disclosures to the relevant authorities.


This site is protected by Australian and international copyright law. Layout, images and text are the intellectual property of Bridging the Gap Sydney West Incorporated (Bridging the Gap). Apart from permitted uses under the Copyright Act 1968, this site may not be reproduced in whole or in part for general publication or commercial purposes without express permission.

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