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Brighter Futures …

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This is a NSW Community Services initiative which supports families with children 0 – 8 years of age.

The program provides targeted support to vulnerable families to prevent families from entering or escalating into the child protection system. The Brighter Futures program aims to:

  • reduce child abuse and neglect through reducing the likelihood of family problems escalating into crisis within the child protection system
  • achieve long term benefits for children through improving intellectual development, educational outcomes and employment chances
  • improve parent-child relationships and the capacity of parents to build positive relationships and raise stronger, healthier children
  • break inter-generational cycles of disadvantage
  • reduce demand for services that otherwise might be needed down the track such as child protection, corrective or mental health services.

Families in the Brighter Futures program receive ongoing case management support and at least two of the following options:

  • home visiting
  • parenting programs
  • quality children’s services

Brighter Futures uses a strengths-based approach. It recognises that parents already have skills and expertise when it comes to understanding what works for their family. As a result, services and support will vary according to each family’s needs and will be offered for up to two years to have a lasting effect.

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